King of All Kings



  1. King of All Kings

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Album Reviews


These were the words that came to mind when I heard Angela Monique's music. Her voice simply causes the mind, soul and spirit to enter right into the peaceful presence of the Lord. She has a gift that also translates on the stage. I was blessed when she ministered at one of my ministry events in Atlanta, GA. She sung her newly released single, "King of All Kings" and the audience felt the presence of the Lord so strong as soon as Angela Monique opened her mouth. I was awestruck by her vocal range and her ability to flow with the Holy Ghost while leading everyone into heartfelt worship. All of our burdens were lifted and before we knew it, we were all at our Master's feet! The love of God comforted our hearts and we were deeply moved. Bless God for such an amazing, soulful, anointed, and dynamic gift to the Body of Christ and a gift that will reach the masses. Get ready to receive the ministry gift of Angela Monique!

Kesha Trippett, Author, Speaker, Songwriter and Founder of Daughters of the King Int'l Ministeries, Inc.